Ativan – Side Effects that are worth it

11 Sep

Ativan – Side Effects that are worth it

If you are suffering from anxiety, you will get numbers of advice to use ativan. Ativan is the most popular medicine that has the ability to treat anxiety. It is one kind of drug that is used for a medical purpose only. This medicine will affect the nervous system and help to slow down the nervous system.

As we have mentioned earlier that ativan is a drug that is contained lorazepam. Lorazepam is actually the name of the drug that is contained by this medicine. Like other drugs, lorazepam drug acts on the brain. The high dosage of this medicine can harm your body as well as to your nervous system.

However, it is medicine and used or different medical conditions, but it can be harmful if you will take over dosage of this medicine. There is one of the best ways to take this medicine it is advised by the doctor. There are many people those are taking this medicine without any prescription from the doctor.

Side effects of ativan –

Whether ativan is used to treat anxiety and called lifesaver medicine, there are some side effects of taking this medicine. It is important to know more and more about the side effects than its benefits before taking this medicine. Here are some serious sides effects of this medicine may include:

  • The over dosage of this medicine can lead to the drowsiness. You will feel sleepy all the time and cannot perform well in your whole day activities.
  • There is another side effect of over dosage of ativan that the patient will feel giddy. In the medical field, this issue is known as dizziness.
  • If you take this medicine for the long term, then it can lead to the weakness. Your muscles will also get the effect of it.
  • A long period of time to take this medicine can cause issues of a headache. You will feel nothing better around you.
  • The use of this medicine for a long time can lead to insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep problem.
  • Loss of balance or coordination is another issue that causes by the extra use of this medicine.
  • If you use this medicine regularly for the long period of time, then there will be the chances of amnesia.

To sum up, in any medical condition you have to take advice from your doctor.